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2023 Winners




Best Screenplay :  The Pickleball Killer

Best Proof of Concept :  Desperately Seeking Sikh

Diversity in Media Awards :  Pomegranate

Best Student Film :  Illustration of Courage

Rising Star Award :  (19) Tyler Herren,  Illustration of Courage

New Media Award :  Derrick Magnum

Best Music Video :  Machine

Appalachian Spirit Award :  Appealing

Founders Award :  Up in the Clouds, Lauren Unger

Women in Film Award :  Red Scooter Diaries

Best Ultra-Low Budget :  TORN

Best Comedy Short : Bitter Brownies

Best Comedy Feature: WordLotto

Best Children’s Film: Rabbit Stories

Best Mockumentary :  Remi Milligan: Lost Director

Best Redemptive Short :  Appealing

Best Redemptive Feature :  God’s Will

Experimental Film Award :  World Of Diamonds

Best Trailer :  NOMAN

Best Horror: NOMAN

Best Triller:  LOVED

Pandemic Film Award :  My White Nights

Veterans Film Award :  Healing Dakota

Smart Phone Film Award:  Car Ride

Best Animation :  Rabbit Stories  

Best Dramatic Short :  A Touch of Magic

Best Dramatic Feature :  Danny 45

Best Indigenous Production:  I am Kanaka

Best Documentary Short :  A Perfect Love

First Time Director Award :  Duncan Ragg, Mine Mine Mine

Best Documentary Feature :  The Great American Family

Best Science Film:  Invisible Corps

Best Director :  Bradley Hawkins, Night Voices

Best Young Actor:  Will Tate in Wisher Maddox

Best Actor :  Ramon Emilio Candelario in Danny 45

Best Actress :  Madeline Carroll, These Stones 

Best Cinematography :  The Gale

Best use of a Drone: These Stones

Grand Jury Award : Limited Slip

Best Television Production:  These Stones 

Best Original Score:  The Goldsmith

Best Visual Effects:  Loved

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