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2022 Winners

Best Screenplay :  “Amy and Angel” by Julia Verdin

Best Proof of Concept :  dAwn

Diversity in Media Awards :  FreeWorld “D Up – Here’s to Diversity

Best Student Film :  Time Town

Rising Star Award : Barrett Burnes in A Silent Call

New Media Award :  The Davissons

Best Music Video :  Argent Glass

Appalachian Spirit Award :  Appalachian Voices

Founders Award :  Peerless City

Women in Film Award :  Christina Krakowski 

Best Ultra-Low Budget :  Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Best Comedy Short :  I See You

Best Mockumentary :  The Blue Llama Secret Message

Best Redemptive Short :  Journey to Reformation

Best Redemptive Feature :  “The Preacher to the Popes”  Raniero Cantalamessa

Experimental Film Award :  The Reporter from Ocoee with Love

Best Trailer :  Limited Slip

Pandemic Film Award :  Unhoused

Veterans Film Award :  Lizzy’s Plan : 3 Peas in a Podcast

Smart Phone Film Award:  Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Best Animation : MIDAS

Best Local Film:  You’ll Never Be my First Kiss

Best Dramatic Short :  Amanda

Best Dramatic Feature :  The Seasons : Four Love Stories

Indigenous Film Award :  We, the Voyagers : Our Moana

Best Documentary Short :  Vanished in Ohio

First Time Director Award :  Payton Burkhammer for You’ll Never Be my First Kiss

Best Documentary Feature :  Unmasking Monsters Below

Best Director :  Mukesh Asopa for “Bloody Romeo”

Best Young Actor or Actress :  Madison Swallow as “Jade” in Distraction

Best Actor :  S. Francis Livisay as “Nasim Axé” in Axé

Best Actress :  Celine Alva as “Carolina De La Paz” in Orphan Doll

Best Cinematography :  We, the Voyagers : Our Moana

Grand Jury Award :  A Case for Kindness

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